private-transfer-salamanca-to-madrid-in-salamanca-230331Spain is a beautiful tourist destination where you can find many attractive places to visit. When visiting Salamanca in Spain next time, you don’t forget to visit the cities explained in this article.

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Have you visited Salamanca already for shopping? But you don’t know the key places of this luxurious district. You can learn the important places of Salamanca in this article.

You can do a tax-free shopping during your trip to Calle de Serrano, located in the center of Salamanca district of Madrid. You can find shops constantly for 2 km long and this is the perfect place for a shopaholic. This street is also referred as The Golden Mile, though you will not buy gold here. It is on the top of must-visit destinations in the Salamanca district.

Plaza de Colón is the top tourist attractions in Spain. You can reach this place easily from the international airport of Madrid. If you are a newbie to this place, you can locate this place since a Columbus statue, which is tall as the Bank of Spain is located here. You can jog or walk on the colon bus stop that is located in the underpass of one of the plaza in the early morning time and get the cool breeze. You can also see the great fountain at the Columbus statue.

The National Public Library was established in 1712 by King Philip V and this library contains more than 15,000,000 books. It is the top library institution in Spain and the head of the Library system of Spain country. Normally the reading room of this library contains not less than 320 people.

Basílica de la Concepción de Nuestra Señora is important because of a beautiful church in Madrid. When you walk along the Salamanca streets, you will definitely lose your balances because of the large New Gothic building of this church. It stands in Goya Street and was constructed in 1912 and contains an attractive tower of 44m height. It is one of the beautiful churches in Spain. You can also find many hotels in this city

The Museo Arqueológico Nacional is the Spain National Archeological museum founded by a Royal Decree of Isabella II in 1867. Initially, this museum was constructed to store arts collected from the monarchs around the country. The museum building was shared with the National Public Library and visiting the museum is the best option on cultural days.