dvrThe world of Digital Video Recorder or DVR has changed hugely in recent days. Are you interested in purchasing a DVR? Then you must ask a few questions to yourself before investing your hard-earned money in it. You need to determine few things before you buy a Set Top DVR.

Do you want to enjoy DVR without monthly subscription? Then you can buy a DVR from Brite-View store. They offer different DVRs at different price range. You can check in online as Brite-View BV-980H store and read their reviews before choosing a DVR. The recent survey by reveals that, many people now use online sites to check the reviews and rating of the products before deciding to buy the products and it helps to protect their investment.

You must set the budget of DVR and decide if you have any special requirements. Do you need to record to a DVD and hard drive or any one of it?

The questions you must ask yourself are listed below.

First you should ask how much you are ready to invest. DVRs are available in different price range and you have options to pick from the cheapest to highest price range. The price will increase based on the recording period, hard drive size and whether it records to DVD also.

What do you do with the DVR mostly? You must pick a DVR with huge hard drive when you need to record many TV shows, watch and delete the shows. Do you want to record the TV shows to a hard drive and then watching the shows by copying on DVD. Then you want to pick a built-in DVD recorder.

Majority of satellite or cable providers provide a DVR for a monthly subscription in low charge. Even some provide free DVR service. The advantage is you don’t want to spend any upfront cost for this and they remain part of your monthly bill.