In case a lady has been diagnosed with breast cancer then hormonal therapy is one of the modes and means of treatments if the cancer is positive for breast hormone receptors. This simple means that if the cancer cells in the breast respond or react to hormones like estrogen or progesterone then you may refer to it as a hormone receptor positive cancer. It is a scientifically proven fact that a very high percentage of the cancer types in breasts are positive to the estrogen hormone. As many as 80 percent of the total number of breast cancers care considered to be estrogen positive receptors.

Hormone therapy is one of the often used methods of treatments in case the breast cancer in a lady is positive to hormone hormones. There are some places in New York where you may go for quality treatment of breast cancers using the hormone therapy. If you do not know what these places are then you can search online for them. Please make sure that you use the most well-suited search words when you are searching for the best centers where breast cancers are treated with the hormone therapy. You should use ‘hormone therapy New York’ as our search words in order to get the best results on search engines.

There are some very basic things that you will need to know in order to have some sort of info about what you are getting into. As already stated almost 80 percent of the breast cancers are positive for estrogen hormone receptors. Most of the researches and studies that have been performed in this regard point out that almost 65 percent of the cancers that are positive for estrogen hormone receptors are also positive to the progesterone hormone receptors. The number of the hormone receptors that are positive to the estrogen receptors but negative to the progesterone receptors is very low at about 13 percent.

Hormonal therapy uses three types of treatments in order to cure cancers that are positive for hormone receptors. If you want to categorize them into broad categories then it can be done with a fair bit of ease. The first and foremost of the types of treatments that are used in hormonal therapy can be called treatment using aromatase inhibitors. SERMs or selective estrogen receptor modulator is the second form or method of treatment in this regard. ERDs or estrogen receptors down regulator are the third type of therapy for breast cancer using the hormone therapy.

An oncologist can make use of the hormone therapy in order to attain several objectives and aims. The first of these aims and objectives is to prevent a breast cancer that is of the ‘hormone receptor positive’ type and has been cured in the early stage from coming back. Apart from this the other very crucial reason because of which the hormone therapy can be used is to prevent the onset of breast cancer. This is very useful for women who have not yet been diagnosed with cancer but are at a very high risk of developing breast cancer of the ‘hormone receptor positive’ type.